FiBL projects


Support for organic cotton production in India

© FiBL

Partners: FiBL, Biore Foundation Further development of organic farming methods and pest control plus development of high-quality organic seed in the Coop Naturaline cotton production area (2015-2018).

Organically tackling citrus greening

© Christof Sonderegger

Partner: FiBL Developing effective organic methods of curbing citrus greening disease on organic citrus plantations in Cuba and Mexico (2014-2020).

Soil-conserving and environmentally friendly soil cultivation

© Thomas Alföldi

Partner: FiBL Research on dissemination of environmentally friendly and soil-conserving techniques for soil cultivation in organic farming (2009-2017).

Replacement of copper in organic farming

© Heiner H. Schmitt

Partner: FiBL Development of selective, highly effective and economically profitable copper substitutes using components from plants and micro-organisms (2011-2018).

Promotion of beneficial species in vegetable farming

© Henryk Luka

Partner: FiBL Reducing the long-term use of organic insecticides in organic farming by encouraging beneficial insects (2015-2017).

Organic soy from Switzerland

© Raja Läubli

Partner: FiBL Promotion of organic soy production and processing in Switzerland by means of breeding, variety testing, seed propagation through to product development (2016-2018).

FiBL precision farming

© Pino Covino

Partner: FiBL Using the examples of sugarbeet and potatoes, precision farming tests organic solutions which were previously too time-consuming, owing to a lack of technology (2017-2020).

Principles and topics