Exploiting synergies in production and saving energy

Our manufacturing companies have very substantial energy requirements. At the same time, they create surplus energy, including in the form of waste heat. This waste heat can be channelled back into production, helping to improve energy efficiency.

The following are a few concrete examples of how we use synergies in production:

Coop Nutrex production plant – use of waste heat

Nutrex produces vinegar. Optimum use is made of the waste heat this generates, with the help of two heat pumps. Firstly, it heats the vinegar to cure it and secondly, it is used to heat the working spaces. Consequently, we no longer need any additional heating.

Banana ripening plant – cooling/heating exchange

Each year, we ripen 23,000 tonnes of bananas at our banana ripening plant in Kaiseraugst, and this requires a lot of heat. At the same time, the bananas have to be cooled, so that they stay fresh. Both processes require a lot of energy. Having modernized the cooling system and switched to waste heat from the cooling systems to replace the old oil heating, today we save 40,000 litres of heating oil each year. This equates to a CO2 reduction of 115 tonnes. As we no longer burn heating oil, the banana ripening plant is CO2-neutral.

Schafisheim logistics centre and Swissmill

The Schafisheim distribution centre was opened in 2016. It also houses Switzerland’s largest bakery. 

In addition to the well-established woodchips, milling by-products from Swissmill are also used to generate heat at our bakery.

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