Coop Sustainability


Sustainability is an integral part of the Coop Group's business activities and a cornerstone of its long-term success. Coop has therefore incorporated sustainability into its Articles of Association, Corporate Profile and Mission Statement. It translates this responsibility into practice in its everyday operations and focuses on strong, long-term partnerships and joint solutions.
Its annual Sustainability Report provides transparent information on Coop's ecological and social-accountability activities, its goals and the measures it takes to achieve them.

Strategy and organization

Coop is convinced that sustainability is a cornerstone of long-term corporate success.


Sourcing of merchandise by Coop: socially, ethically and environmentally responsible

Quality assurance

At Coop, high quality and safety standards for all products are of paramount importance, as are social and environmental standards.

Energy/CO2 vision

Coop took the pioneering decision in 2008 to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2023 in all areas in which it could influence such emissions directly.

Coop Sustainability Fund

Coop invests 14 million francs a year in innovative projects.


Coop joined forces with other companies in various organizations.

Coop Sustainability Report

Coop reports on its economic, ecological and social activities.


Sustainability: Coop is the world champion!


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