Coop Sustainability

Coop has taken sustainability firmly on board

Coop is convinced that sustainability is a cornerstone of long-term corporate success. It has therefore enshrined sustainability in its Articles of Association, Corporate Profile and Mission Statement. The Executive Committee approved a set of comprehensive principles on sustainability as early as 2007.

Coop is focusing its sustainability efforts on areas that are not only characterized by a high degree of social expectation, but are also of major significance with regards to costs, security of supply or market differentiation from an internal point of view. These also need to be areas in which Coop sees opportunities for action.

Sustainability strategy concept

All Coop strategies define precise sustainability goals.

Internal organization of sustainability

Find out how Coop coordinates its sustainability activities in-house.

Multiyear Sustainability Targets

Coop Group strives for long term sustainability targets.

Stakeholder dialogue

Coop cooperates with other organizations in drawing up practicable solutions.

Sustainability Report

Coop provides transparent information on its ecological and social-accountability activities.


1973 - 2013


Coop's sustainability principles demonstrate its broad understanding of the concept.

Business principles

Coop treats its suppliers as business partners, in a manner characterized by mutual respect, transparency and fairness.


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