The Coop Sustainability Fund

With our Sustainability Fund we are supporting a number of different projects in cooperation with our partners. We are thus making consumption more sustainable and are giving something back to society.

The Coop Sustainability Fund invests at least CHF 16.5 million every year for this purpose. In addition to our financial commitment, we also offer communication tools, personnel resources and partner networks through the fund. The fund supports around 80 projects a year, the majority of which are spread over several years.

The Coop Sustainability Fund focuses on the following three areas:

    • Innovation projects
      The aim here is to promote innovative solutions throughout the entire value chain of sustainable products. We support research into sustainable production methods or products and are thus promoting genuine pioneering work.
    • Awareness-raising projects
      The aim here is to raise public awareness of, and thereby promote, the concept of sustainable consumption. We support associated exhibitions, events and projects.
    • Projects for staff and society
      The aims here are to give something back to society and be a good employer and training provider. We get involved in projects that focus on health, exercise, or supporting disadvantaged people.

Before we decide to promote a project, it is first evaluated thoroughly by internal and external experts. The following criteria are essential in this process:

    • Urgency of the problems and concrete possibilities for action
    • Closeness to our core business and to the requirements of our customers
    • Contribution to at least one of our multi-annual sustainability targets 2014–2020
    • Targeted solutions are not yet marketable or profitable, but have the potential to be multiplied

Principles and topics