Long-term investments in the future

We have been supporting a sustainable future through the fund since 2003. The fund has continued to evolve during this time, with a view to initiating innovative solutions and promoting pioneering achievements in socially and environmentally relevant areas.

The current Coop Sustainability Fund was born in 2007 out of the Coop Naturaplan Fund, which had been established in 2003 to mark the tenth anniversary of our own-label brand of organic products. The original aim was to promote the range of organic products and other own-label sustainability brands. Following the conversion to the Coop Sustainability Fund in 2007, we expanded the subject area to include projects for compensation of CO2 emissions from air transport, business travel and our delivery service Coop@home. At this stage, we were already broadening the strategic scope of the fund to include innovation and sustainable consumption throughout Coop’s core business.

Clear areas of focus for even greater impact

Today, we assign over 80 fund projects a year to the following areas:

    • Innovation projects
    • Awareness-raising projects
    • Projects for staff and society

The ongoing goals of the fund

Ever since its launch, the Coop Sustainability Fund has pursued the following goals:

    • Development of innovative approaches to achieving sustainability
    • Research into the continued development of organic farming
    • Development and sourcing of sustainable products
    • Marketing and promotion of environmental and social brands, as well as reinforcement of their added value
    • Raising public awareness of sustainable consumption
    • Meeting stakeholder expectations in the social domain
    • Performing our role as a good employer and training provider

Principles and topics