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Partnership with Swiss Red Cross


Partner: Swiss Red Cross
Content: Coop has been involved in a partnership with the Swiss Red Cross since 1997 in order to provide people in need with fast and unbureaucratic assistance. This cooperation was stepped up in 2015.

The following projects are supported: 2 x Christmas, Donations for emergency aid and rebuilding project following natural disasters abroad.
Commitment since: 1997

Firmenlauf GmbH

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Partner: Firmenlauf GmbH
Content: Coop promotes the health of its employees through nationwide running events.
Commitment since: 2013

Biore projects

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Partner: Biore Foundation
Content: Promoting and supporting social projects in the fields of training, health and nutrition for over 8'300 Biore cotton producers and their families in India and Tanzania. Commitment since: 2007

Biore schools in India

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Partner: Biore Foundation
Content: Support with the construction of three Biore upper secondary schools that offer both academic and manual training.
Commitment since: 2011

Schweizer Tafel und Tischlein deck dich

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Partner: Schweizer Tafel, Tischlein deck dich
Content: Coop donates food products which have not yet passed their use-by date and are in perfect condition from its supermarkets to the food charity «Schweizer Tafel» and «Tischlein deck dich».

The organizations then oversees the dispensing of these food products to institutions such as homeless shelters. Coop also provides essential financial support «Schweizer Tafel» and «Tischlein deck dich».
Commitment since: 2004

Young Enterprise Switzerland sponsorship

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Partner: Young Enterprise Switzerland
Content: Coop promotes practice-oriented business training programmes for students, with the aim of linking the economy with schools.
Commitment since: 2011

More about the project


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Partner: Schtifti Foundation
Content: During one-day workshops at schools, young freestyle athletes and nutrition professionals inspire children and young people to engage in exercise and to eat healthily.
Commitment since: 2005


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Partner: Cleven Foundation
Content: Free events, sport camps, parents’ evenings, continuing education for teachers, and teaching materials serve to motivate children in a fun way to eat a balanced, healthy diet – but without prohibitions – and to engage in sport as an enriching and enjoyable leisure-time activity.
Commitment since: 2005

Support for Schweizer Sporthilfe (Swiss sports aid)

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Partner: Schweizer Sporthilfe 
Content: Making children and parents aware of a healthy lifestyle and the meaning of regular exercise. Promotion of talented Swiss athletes.
Commitment since: 2016

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