FSC®: protecting forests for the future

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) represents the world's highest standards in forest management. Products are only awarded the FSC® quality seal if these standards are fulfilled and full traceability in the timber production value chain is guaranteed.

Over two thirds of our wood range complies with the FSC® criteria, rising to 100 percent for Oecoplan wood products. Thanks to Oecoplan, there is always an FSC®-certified or recycled alternative for paper products for the home, kitchen and office. All our milk and drink cartons are also FSC®-certified.

The ten binding FSC® standards

    • Compliance with legislation
    • Employee rights and working conditions
    • Rights of indigenous people
    • Relations with the local population
    • Benefits of the forest
    • Environmental values and environmental impact
    • Management planning
    • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Preservation of forests of high conservation value
    • Implementation of management measures

Three variants of the FSC® quality seal

Customers can always obtain a clear picture of the raw materials contained in a product.

    • FSC® 100%: exclusively wood or fibres from FSC®-certified forests
    • FSC® Mix: Mix of wood/fibres from FSC®-certified forests, wood/fibres from controlled sources and/or recycled wood/fibres.
    • FSC® Recycling: exclusively recycled wood/recycled fibres

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