Fair cocoa for fine chocolate

Cocoa prices on the global market fluctuate greatly and its cultivation is often harmful to the environment. Sometimes, cocoa farmers cannot even completely cover their production costs with the income from their harvest. We are therefore committed to fair and sustainable cocoa production.

Currently, over 86 percent of the cocoa for our own-label chocolate is already from sustainable production, in particular Fairtrade-certified small-scale farmers. This is partly due to the fact that our production company Chocolats Halba works directly with Fairtrade cooperatives in Peru, Ecuador, Honduras and Ghana. Fairtrade cocoa means greater financial stability for small-scale farmers and more self-determination in the democratically structured growers' cooperatives.

Thanks to the Fairtrade premiums, investments can be made in the education and healthcare infrastructure or in improving cultivation conditions - which is reason enough for us to rely on Fairtrade Max Havelaar cocoa.

    Picture: Remo Nägeli
    Picture: Remo Nägeli
    Picture: Remo Nägeli
    Picture: Remo Nägeli
    Picture: Remo Nägeli

Fairtrade Cocoa Program

We were the first Swiss retailer to champion the Fairtrade Cocoa Program. Many certified cocoa farmers can only sell a small percentage (around a third) of their harvest under Fairtrade conditions. This is due in part to the existing Fairtrade guidelines for end products, which require all ingredients available as Fairtrade-certified raw materials to also be Fairtrade and for the total percentage of the end product to be at least 20 percent.

For certain products, the recipe makes it difficult or impossible to comply with this requirement. Thanks to the Fairtrade cocoa programme, individual components can now also be sourced from fair trade and shown on the product under the Fairtrade Cocoa Program label without the whole product being certified.

Factsheet: Fairtrade Max Havelaar Cocoa

Sustainable cocoa from Honduras

Working closely with our subsidiary Chocolats Halba and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, we are committed to sustainable cocoa from Honduras. In this project, the cocoa is grown according to ecological and social criteria. These include measures to protect the rainforest. Furthermore, the project relies on organic cultivation methods, which impact positively on diversity.

On the plantations, deciduous trees are also planted, which protect the cocoa plants and also enable an additional, long-term income from selling the wood, to cushion fluctuations in the productivity of the cocoa plants. Training, the creation of an infrastructure and long-term, fair commercial relationships ensure better living conditions for the local cocoa farmers. The chocolate from this project, which is certified by Bio Suisse and Fairtrade Max Havelaar, is available under Coop Naturaplan.

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