Wide range of training and professional development opportunities

We are dedicated to high quality basic training, promote the vocational school-leaving certificate and support secondments to other linguistic regions of Switzerland as well as abroad.

All employees complete, on average, two days of professional development training each year, as continuous learning is a key factor at Coop. We run our own training centres in Muttenz and Jongny, where we offer more than 350 professional development courses. Each year, we invest over CHF 45 million in internal professional development and support employees who are attending external courses by providing funding and allowing them time to attend. Coop offers its employees around 100’000 training days each year.

Major provider of apprenticeships in Switzerland

At the close of 2016, the entire Coop Group employed a total of 3’505 apprentices. As one of the biggest providers of basic training, we therefore make a substantial contribution to professional training. Each year, over 1’000 young people in 31 professions start their apprenticeship at Coop. In 2016, the rate of successfully completed apprenticeships was 99 percent. Over 66 percent of apprentices who completed their training took up permanent employment at our company.

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More about apprenticeships with Coop

Future Workshop: Coop apprentices develop ideas for sustainability

With the aim of finding out ways of getting teenagers and young adults interested in sustainability issues, we held a Future Workshop with 18 Coop apprentices at the beginning of June 2017. For two days, our future-oriented apprentices discussed exciting ideas for sustainability. On the first day, guest speaker Dominik Stutz from WWF Switzerland gave the trainees an understanding of what sustainability means. Based on their own personal footprint, they realized what impact they have on the environment.

On the second day, held at the «Launchlabs» innovation loft in Basel, they used their creativity, energy and motivation to develop some exciting ideas for sustainability. The four best suggestions were then worked out in more detail and presented. The results of the two-day workshop will be incorporated into future sustainability activities.

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