Points of sale as an effective lever in greater energy efficiency

Points of sale are responsible for more than two thirds of our energy consumption. The leverage for greater energy efficiency is particularly great here, and technical innovations help us to save resources.

Since 2007, all our new and upgraded points of sale have satisfied the Minergie standard, meaning that they use 20 percent less electricity and 40 percent less heat. For buildings that we do not own, we apply Minergie standards to the building services. In total, we operate more than 414 points of sale in accordance with the Minergie standard.

Economical lighting thanks to LED

In all new and upgraded supermarkets, we fit LED lighting, as this technology requires up to half as little electricity. Since 2010, we have relied exclusively on LED lighting in our restaurants and, since 2015, 100 percent of our supermarkets have been fitted with LED, saving 2 gigawatt hours of electricity each year. The same is true of our logos, which are switched off at night to save electricity and minimize light pollution.

Heating, cooling and saving energy

The refrigeration and freezing of our products account for nearly half of the total electricity consumption of our points of sale. Conventional refrigerants still have a very big impact on the climate. Therefore, since 2010, we have been using CO2 as a refrigerant at points of sale for permanently installed units. These modern CO2 units require a quarter less electricity and their climate impact is 4,000 times less than that of conventional refrigerants. Moreover, we use the waste heat created by the refrigeration systems for boiling and for pre-heating hot water, reducing our energy consumption even further.

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