No life without biodiversity

The diversity of nature is vitally important to humans. Therefore, through the Coop Sustainability Fund, we support more than 30 projects that help preserve biodiversity.

In 1992, the United Nations (UN) adopted a Convention on Biodiversity. The goals of the Biodiversity Convention are, essentially, threefold:

    • Conservation of biodiversity
    • Sustainable use of biodiversity
    • Fair and equitable sharing of benefits (compensation) arising from biodiversity

We are committed to these three goals. Thus the Coop Sustainability Fund supports projects that, from a purely commercial perspective, would not be financially viable. We invest CHF 16.5 million each year in the fund's projects, some of which are devoted to biodiversity.

GREEN 2015 special edition: An information overview of our commitment to the diversity of nature

The following is a selection of fund projects to promote biodiversity:

    • FiBL research projects
      Basic research on climate-neutral crop cultivation and vegetable product and on minimizing concentrated feed in cattle feeding.
    • Organic farming in tropical regions
      Comparative study of the contribution of organic farming to securing the food supply, combating poverty and preserving eco-systems in tropical and subtropical regions by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, BioVision and LED.
    • ProSpecieRara
      Promoting varieties and breeds threatened with extinction, by including them in the range and supporting the Pro Specie Rara diversity gardens, orchards and «arks».
    • Standard fruit tree orchards
      Maintaining and fostering endangered standard fruit trees as a traditional landscape feature by developing a range of Hochstamm Suisse products and promoting communication.
    • Sativa
      Promoting the cultivation and seed propagation of organic wheat and organic spelt by partners Sativa Rheinau AG and Getreidezüchtung Peter Kunz [grain producer].

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