We are committed to organic – in Switzerland and worldwide

Over 20 years ago we had a vision: all consumers should have access to affordable food produced in an environmentally friendly, humane way. Thus, in 1993, we launched the organic brand Naturaplan, in partnership with Bio Suisse.

With around 3’000 products, 1’800 of them Naturaplan products, at Coop you will find the biggest organic range in Swiss retail. Unique to Coop: Virtually the entire Naturaplan range and the majority of other organic products display the Bio Suisse bud. Due to high demand for sustainably produced products, the number of Swiss organic farmers has more than quadrupled since 1993. Today, the number stands at just under 6’200. Over 13 percent of Switzerland's agricultural land is organically farmed – and that percentage is rising.

Most stringent requirements thanks to the Bio Suisse bud

Virtually all Naturaplan organic products have borne the Bio Suisse quality seal, the bud, right from the beginning. The bud guidelines go far beyond the legal requirements for organic products. Thus, along with Demeter, Naturaplan has the most stringent requirements of all organic brands in Switzerland. A few examples:

    • Closed, natural cycle: Organic management of the entire farm, not just individual branches
    • Humane animal husbandry: Small herds and year-round outdoor exercise
    • Gentle processing and no added colours and flavourings: not even natural colouring ingredients are used.
    • Climate-friendly: Bud products cannot, for instance, be transported by air, must originate from Switzerland wherever possible and greenhouses must not be fully heated.
    • More biodiversity: As well as not using synthetic chemical pesticides, bud producers must take numerous additional measures to promote biodiversity on their farm.

Read Bio Suisse's detailed regulations

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Naturaplan – more than organic

Wherever possible, products and raw materials from the south are also fairly traded and are Fairtrade Max Havelaar-certified. Furthermore, under Naturaplan we offer a wide range of regional organic products; in German and French speaking Switzerland, for example, we stock organic milk from each region – with a total of twelve different regions across Switzerland.

Naturaplan's benefits are also confirmed by independent bodies: in a rating of food labels by the WWF and other environmental organizations, Naturaplan was awarded the highest score of all comprehensive food brands and attained the top category «Excellent».

More about Naturaplan

Rating for labels (only German)

Longstanding partnership with the FiBL

The road to the finished organic product on the shelf is a long one. Often, it entails a lot of research work along the entire value chain. In 1992, we began promoting the development of organic apple-growing at the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL) – with tremendous success: in the space of ten years, numerous fruit growers switched to organic methods. Today, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of high-quality and flavoursome organic apples.

We have consistently provided the FiBL with financial support since 1994. The aim of the numerous projects is to further develop organic agriculture through basic research and to support the development of organic products for Coop. The FiBL is one of the world's leading research establishments in the field of organic agriculture.

Overview of the partnership between FiBL and Coop 

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Investing efficiently in research

In total, we invest CHF 1 million each year in research into organic agriculture conducted by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), and in doing so continually promote further development of organic farming. Further examples include the cultivation of exotic fruits, such as mangoes, melons and oranges, in line with the Bio Suisse guidelines, where we work together with FiBL to provide local producers with advice and training. As a result, for example, we have managed to set up a supply chain for organic kiwi fruits from Chile, which has been certified according to the Bio Suisse standards.

More on the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL)

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