Fair production and trade

Fair treatment of producers in the south and in the Swiss mountains and compliance with clear social standards.

Fairness – a matter of respect

We cultivate partnership-based relationships with our suppliers because fairness, respect and transparency are prerequisites for shared success and long-term growth. Fairness is therefore one of our focuses: in the cultivation of raw materials, in processing and in trade.

Fairtrade Max Havelaar

We are Switzerland's biggest provider of Fairtrade products and are one of the world's leading Fairtrade retailers. Today, every second Fairtrade product sold in Switzerland passes through a Coop check-out and we continue to switch entire ranges containing raw materials from the south to fair trade. This ensures that around 1.6 million small-scale farmers, workers and producers' cooperatives benefit from fair prices and stable commercial relationships.

Reportage: Rice under fair conditions – how 3'500 Asian rice growers profit through our organic Fairtrade rice

Reportage: Organic, fair and exquisite – our production company Chocolat Halba promotes the organic, fair cultivation of high-quality cocoa

Pro Montagna

Through our own label brand for mountain products, we support a viable mountain economy in Switzerland. The raw materials must come from, and be processed in the mountain regions. This safeguards jobs and creates long-term prospects. Furthermore, a contribution is made to Coop Aid for Mountain Regions from the proceeds of each Pro Montagna product sold, to further the development of the mountain regions.

Minimum standards for all producers

We also require compliance with minimum social standards for our conventionally manufactured goods. Our business partners and their upstream suppliers must therefore take appropriate measures to ensure that the country-specific regulations and the relevant conventions and principles of the United Nations (UN), OECD and the International Labour Organization (ILO) are observed. In risk countries, we also require the implementation of the Code of Conduct of the amfori Business Compliance Initiative (amfori BSCI) or adequate social standards. This is documented in the Guideline on Sustainable Sourcing.

Fair clothing and textiles

For over 20 years, our own label Naturaline brand has been a prime example of the socially responsible and environmentally responsible production of textiles. The organic cotton originates exclusively from the bioRe projects in India and Tanzania. Every stage of processing, from cultivation of organic cotton through to the finished item of clothing, meets strict ecological and social requirements. All partner companies in the Naturaline production chain undergo a Naturaline audit and are either SA8000-certified or integrated in the BSCI process. We are thereby pursuing our goal of ensuring the continuous development and improvement of our long-term partners in the process chain.

Principles and topics