Fish and seafood

Sustainably sourced fish and seafood whenever possible.

Marine conservation: Combating overfishing

More and more fish and seafood is being consumed around the world. And for good reason: they are low in fat and packed with high quality protein plus important minerals and vitamins. However, rising demand is leading to overfishing. To counter this trend, since 2000 we have been constantly expanding our range of sustainably sourced fish and seafood.

We have documented our sourcing principles in our Guideline on Sustainable Sourcing. We are pursuing the goal of switching our full product range of marine fish, crustaceans, mussels, as well as freshwater fish, whether farmed or caught in the wild, to sustainably producing, environmentally appropriate and stock-preserving aquacultures and fisheries.

Longstanding cooperation with the WWF

As a founding member of the WWF Seafood Group, we also have our entire range of fish and seafood regularly audited for sustainability by the WWF. As part of this process, our range is divided into six levels of risk. This means we are always able to respond swiftly and either ban endangered species from our range or replace them with sustainable alternatives. We have completely eliminated from our range the products in the top three levels of risk. These include shark products as well as sturgeon and caviar, unless they are from our own sustainable breeding programme at Tropenhaus Frutigen. This consumer guide published by the WWF and Coop provides an overview of the fish species available from us.

You can find more information about our commitment in the area of fish and seafood as well as three delicious recipes in the information brochure from WWF and Coop.

Facts and figures

Since 2016, 100 percent of our fish and seafood has come from sustainable sources – whether fresh, frozen, tinned or in the restaurant. Sustainable means that the WWF has rated the origin of all the species available in these product ranges as acceptable or recommended. We also offer the largest selection of organic-grade seafood in Switzerland:

  • Since November 2016, 100 percent of all our fish and seafood sales have been produced from sustainable sources.

  • 63,5 percent of wild-caught fish satisfy the MSC standard (Marine Stewardship Council).

  • 31.5 percent of our farmed fish satisfies the Bio Suisse guidelines. In addition, 8.5 percent of farmed fish satisfies the ASC standard (Aquaculture Stewardship Council).

  • 49.4 percent of our fish and seafood comes from certified sustainable production.

    (Evaluation period: 2017)

Principles and topics