Sustainable fish from Switzerland

Swiss fish is synonymous with domestic farming or wild catch methods. Swiss commercial fishermen are committed to sustainability and satisfy the requirements of strict Swiss legislation.

Among other things, they observe minimum catch quantities as well as closed seasons and prohibited areas and are committed to natural spawn recovery. The nets are inspected by the cantonal fisheries control bodies. We are therefore keen to source as much fish as possible from Switzerland and are therefore committed to good working relationships with fish farms and commercial fishermen.

In recent years, we have continuously improved our range of domestic wild-caught whitefish and perch as well as organic trout, organic salmon trout and farmed perch. Due to the sometimes small catch volumes, a few Swiss fish, such as Arctic char from Lake Geneva, are only available regionally. Seasonal variations and minimum catch sizes impact on availability.


Cooperation with Tropenhaus Frutigen

Our partner Tropenhaus Frutigen is considered a pioneer of fish breeding in land-based aquacultures. The high-quality water with a temperature of 18 degrees, which is sourced from within the Lötschberg, provides the ideal environment for Siberian sturgeon. Therefore, as well as the tasty sturgeon, we are also able to sell sustainably-sourced caviar from the Alps.

The 2nd pillar of fish production are the perch and pike perch which, together, account for around a third of total production. We currently source 100 percent of the perch we sell from Tropenhaus Frutigen. We are also involved in a pilot project with grayling, which were previously only available seasonally in smaller quantities.

Fish farming at the Tropenhaus Frutigen

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