Meaningful donations that reach the intended recipients

We participate in various donation activities to support people in need. This is another way in which we recognize our social responsibility. We work with established institutions that guarantee that the donations genuinely do benefit the people who most need them.

Here are a few examples of our social commitment:

    • 2 x Weihnachten (2 x Christmas) 
      This campaign supports needy people at home and abroad. We donate the bulk of the non-perishable foods, body care products, children's clothing and, in some cases, confectionery that the Swiss Red Cross distributes to families in need and social institutions such as children's and nursing homes in Switzerland.
    • Food donations to social institutions
      We donate a considerable amount of date-expired food, which is still in perfect condition but can no longer be sold, to social projects such as Schweizer Tafel and Tischlein deck dich. In addition, with annual donations of at least CHF 350’000, we support the creation of the infrastructure of these two organizations social distribution points. Tischlein deck dich also receives CHF 50’000 each year from Coop Mineralöl AG towards the fuel consumption of its vehicles. We also support Caritas shops by donating basic foods.
    • Food donations to social institutions
      We donate a significant proportion of food that is still of impeccable quality but can no longer be sold to social projects such as the food charities “Schweizer Tafel” and “Tischlein deck dich”. As well as providing food, we support these organizations financially with annual funding of at least CHF 350,000 to develop the infrastructure of their distribution centres. The food charity “Tischlein deck dich” receives an additional CHF 50,000 each year from Coop Mineralöl AG to cover their vehicle fuel costs. We further support the Caritas shops with donations of staple food.

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    • Donation activities with our business partners
      Our business partners can also undertake donation campaigns with their products at our points of sale. We apply stringent requirements: The donation project must benefit recognized organizations. In Switzerland, it must be Zewo-certified and generate tangible benefits - ideally for people and nature in the respective product chain.

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