Traceable to field and barn

There is no simple, standard solution for product traceability. We are working to ensure traceability as far back as possible, depending on the range involved.

Our entire range of fruit and vegetables comes from certified cultivation in accordance with SwissG.A.P. or GlobalG.A.P. Consequently, we are able to trace all these products directly to the producer.

Naturaplan ID for full transparency

Thanks to Bio Suisse's bud guidelines, we are able to guarantee full traceability of our organic Naturaplan products right back to the field. The Naturaplan ID enables you too to check which farm produced your organic fruit and your organic vegetables. Products sold loose bear a bud sticker with the Naturaplan ID code. On packaged fruit and packaged vegetables, the Naturaplan ID has been shown on the label since 2010.

More about the Naturaplan ID

Traceability of meat

We give the farmer's name on the packaging of whole chickens and chicken breasts in our Naturafarm and Naturaplan own label sustainability brand. In addition, the location of the production company is mentioned on Naturaplan organic fresh meat cuts, such as various types of steak, enabling consumers to trace the meat's origin back to its source.

Guarantees fair conditions

The FLO-ID, as it is known, can be found on the packaging of a growing number of items that bear the Fairtrade Max Havelaar seal of approval. To find out more about the producer and the product, enter the code on the Fairtrade Max Havelaar website.

More on the Fairtrade Max Havelaar FLO ID

Clean and fair textiles

More and more items of clothing from our Naturaline own label brand display a numerical code on their sewn-in label. On the bioRe website, you can trace in detail the route from the cultivation of the organic cotton, through various production stages, to the finished product.

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