The responsible use of water in agriculture at home and abroad, as well as at manufacturing companies and points of sale.

Water – a precious resource

In many countries, water resources are already overexploited, and drinking water is becoming scarce. Climate change is exacerbating the situation. With concrete projects, we help producers of fruit, vegetables and flowers to use water more sparingly. At the same time, we are constantly minimizing water consumption at our own manufacturing companies and points of sale.

Our commitment to sustainable water management takes shape in the following measures:

    • Reducing water consumption in agriculture
      We support our producers in their efforts to reduce water consumption.
    • Involvement in international bodies
      Our involvement in international organizations reflects our commitment to sustainable water management in agriculture.
    • Sharing knowledge and technology
      Through the Coop Sustainability Fund, we use technology and knowledge to support farmers in their efforts to make efficient use of water.
    • Improved utilization of water
      As well as drinking water, we are making greater use of rainwater and process water and constantly increasing the efficiency of water usage at our own facilities.

Principles and topics