This is what guides us

Our Executive Committee approved the first environmental policy principles in 2001. These were expanded in 2006 to include sustainability principles and revised in 2017. The new sustainability principles are geared to the multi-year sustainability targets and continue to comprise the content of the previous principles. They define the guidelines that apply in implementing the over-arching goals and set them out in detail.

In 2009 we developed our sustainability strategy, which coordinates and aligns the sustainability commitments enshrined in the individual divisions. The concept was also revised in 2017. Learn more about this concept under Strategy.

Here are our ten sustainability principles:

    • We make a major contribution on behalf of people, animals and the environment.
    • We practise sustainability throughout the Coop Group as part of our corporate activities.
    • We are the most proficient provider of sustainable products.
    • We take sustainability requirements into account along the entire range.
    • We reduce energy consumption and protect the climate by systematically reducing CO2 emissions.
    • We reduce and optimize  our use of materials and ingredients as well as the amount of waste we generate.
    • We have innovative and environmentally compatible mobility and logistics solutions.
    • We are a progressive and fair employer.
    • We live up to our social responsibility and are committed to fair competition.
    • We communicate transparently and engage in dialogue with our stakeholders in a spirit of partnership.

Principles and topics