FSC for long-term protection of forests

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) promotes sustainable forest management worldwide. Only if the entire value chain of timber production meets the strict guidelines are products entitled to bear the FSC quality seal.

Over two-thirds of our range of wood products meet FSC criteria – for Oecoplan wood products this figure is 100 per cent. In the context of household, kitchen and office paper products, there is always an FSC-certified alternative thanks to Oecoplan. In addition to this, all our milk and drinks cartons are also FSC-certified.

The ten binding FSC Principles

    • Compliance with laws and FSC Principles
    • Tenure, use rights and responsibilities
    • Indigenous peoples’ rights
    • Community relations and worker’s rights
    • Benefits from the forest
    • Environmental impact
    • Management plan
    • Monitoring and assessment
    • Maintenance of high conservation value forests
    • Management of plantations

Three different types of FSC quality seal

Customers are always clearly informed about what exactly a product contains.

    • FSC 100%: exclusively FSC wood or FSC fibres
    • FSC Mix: mixture of FSC wood/fibres, wood/fibres from controlled sources and/or recycled wood/recycled fibres
    • FSC Recycling: exclusively recycled wood/recycled fibres

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