Recycled paper helps to protect forests

Another effective measure aimed at countering the destruction of forests worldwide is the use of recycled paper and cardboard. We use these materials in our range of own-label brands and in our packaging.

Thanks to the use of recycled paper we can avoid processing new wood in paper production. The environmental benefits in comparison with paper produced using new fibre are particularly significant if the recycled paper is also produced in energy-efficient facilities. All our Oecoplan paper products are therefore made of recycled paper – including toilet tissue, paper tissues, serviettes and household paper.

Recycled if possible, otherwise FSC

With our own-label products for which it is not possible to switch to recycled paper, we use only FSC-certified pulp, thereby preventing overexploitation and encouraging forest owners to meet high environmental standards.

Reusing old paper for new news

The Coopzeitung newspaper is printed almost completely on recycled paper, using around 400 tonnes of material every week. Our paper shopping bags are made up of 85 per cent recycled paper, while the remaining 15 per cent is FSC-certified virgin pulp. We have further gradually been switching our internal paper consumption to recycled paper.

Coop paper bags made from recycled paper
Coop paper bags made from recycled paper

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