Fairtrade cocoa for premium chocolate

Cocoa prices on the global market fluctuate significantly, and cultivation often has a negative impact on the environment. Due to the fact that in some cases cocoa farmers are not even able to cover all their production costs with the proceeds from their harvest, we are committed to ensuring fair and sustainable cocoa production.

Fairtrade cocoa means better financial stability for smallholders and greater self-determination in the democratically organized cultivation cooperatives. Thanks to the Fairtrade Premium, investments can be carried out in education and health care infrastructure or in improving cultivation conditions. And for us, this is reason enough to favour Fairtrade Max Havelaar when it comes to cocoa. Currently, 76,2 per cent of chocolate from our own-label brands comes from fair trade, and we have also succeeded in switching to Fairtrade cocoa in popular ranges such as chocolate croissants. Among other things, this is possible thanks to the fact that our manufacturing company Chocolats Halba cooperates directly with Fairtrade cooperatives in Peru, Ecuador, Honduras and Ghana.

Fairtrade Cocoa Sourcing

We are the first Swiss retailer to join the Fairtrade Cocoa Sourcing programme. Many certified cocoa farmers are only able to sell a small proportion of their harvest under fair trade conditions (28 per cent on average). This is due, among other things, to the existing Fairtrade guidelines for end products, which demand that all ingredients that are available as Fairtrade-certified raw materials actually are fair trade, and that the proportion contained in the end product is at least 20 per cent. In certain products this is difficult or even impossible to achieve due to the recipe itself. The Fairtrade Cocoa Sourcing programme now enables individual components to be sourced under fair trade conditions and declared as such on the product without the whole product having to be certified.

Sustainable cocoa from Honduras

In close collaboration with our subsidiary Chocolats Halba and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, we are committed to supporting sustainable cocoa from Honduras in a project in which cocoa is cultivated in accordance with environmental and social criteria. The project involves measures that protect and restore the rainforest, and promotes organic cultivation methods that have a positive impact on biodiversity. Hardwood trees are also planted, both to protect the cocoa plants and to provide a long-term additional income through the sale of the wood, helping to absorb fluctuations in the productivity of the cocoa plantations. Training, infrastructure development and long-term fair trade relationships ensure improved living conditions for local cocoa farmers. The chocolate from this project, which bears the Bio Suisse and Fairtrade Max Havelaar quality seals, has been available under the Naturaplan brand since 2013.

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