Animal welfare

Excellent standards in animal welfare guaranteed by Swiss origin and organic husbandry and livestock with access to outdoor areas

Long-standing corporate commitment to animal welfare

Swiss Animal Protection (SAP) has awarded us top marks for our excellent standards in animal welfare. This accolade from the independent accreditation body is further recognition of our long-standing commitment to humane animal husbandry. For 20 years now, we have been offering organically farmed meat and eggs as well as meat and eggs from animals with access to outdoor areas and free-range animals under the Naturaplan and Naturafarm brands.

Switzerland’s animal welfare laws are among the strictest in the world, which is why we like to acquire most of our veal, beef and chicken from within the country. All of our fresh pork and rabbit meat is from Switzerland, as are more than 90 per cent of our eggs. As the domestic market cannot supply all our requirements, we work closely with SAP to ensure that our producers abroad also rear their animals under conditions comparable to those in Switzerland.

Access to outdoor areas and particularly animal-friendly conditions in sheds and pens

Our Naturafarm farms must further subscribe to the federal programmes on particularly animal-friendly conditions in sheds and pens (“Besonders tierfreundliche Stallhaltungssysteme – BTS”) and regular access to outdoor areas (“Regelmässiger Auslauf im Freien – RAUS”).

40 projects promoting animal welfare

We are currently working with our meat processing business Bell on more than 40 projects promoting animal welfare. In addition to these, there are lighthouse projects such as Coop Baltic Grassland Beef, involving the production of beef in suckler cow husbandry systems in the Baltic region, the rearing of dual-purpose chickens, enabling us to avoid the systematic killing of male chicks in egg production, and boar fattening trials that avoid castration in pig farming.

Proportion of Swiss meat, eggs and cheese
Particularly animal-friendly conditions in sheds and pens
Particularly animal-friendly conditions in sheds and pens

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