Animal-friendly product range thanks to Naturaplan, Naturafarm and Natura-Beef

For 20 years now, we have been offering affordable organic foods produced using environmentally and animal-friendly methods under our own-label Naturaplan brand. We laid the foundations for the Naturafarm animal husbandry programmes back in the 1980s and 1990s.

Naturafarm: animals with access to outdoor areas

The Naturafarm quality seal guarantees the use of high-quality Swiss meat and eggs produced in animal-friendly husbandry with access to outdoor areas and free-range husbandry. Animals on a Naturafarm farm enjoy lots of space, can move around freely and always have access to outdoor areas. In the sheds, there are separate areas where they can eat, sleep and play. The shed floor is covered with plenty of straw.

For farms operating under our Naturafarm quality seal, stringent regulations apply: 

    • Rearing, fattening, slaughter and processing in Switzerland.
    • Farms producing for Naturafarm are obliged to participate in the federal animal husbandry programmes BTS (for particularly animal-friendly conditions in sheds and pens) and RAUS (for regular access to outdoor areas).
    • The farms must satisfy the requirements of the Swiss federal ordinance for ecological certification (“ökologischer Leistungsnachweis – ÖLN”).
    • Animal feed used is guaranteed non-genetically modified and complies with the Coop guidelines on livestock feeding.
    • There is end-to-end, continuous quality control and comprehensive traceability.
    • For processed products (meat products), only Naturafarm meat and Naturafarm eggs are used. All other ingredients are from Switzerland, wherever possible. 

Something to keep inquisitive pigs busy

Pigs are intelligent, inquisitive and need to be kept busy. In the Naturafarm sheds and pens they have various possibilities to play both indoors and out. Naturafarm pigs are fed a healthy diet – of cereals, for example. Genetically modified raw materials and meat-and-bone meal are prohibited.

Calves are kept in groups

The Naturafarm veal calves with access to outdoor areas are fed a diet which is specific to their needs. This includes full-fat milk or by-products from cheese production as well as fresh hay. They take in lots of vital iron with the fresh hay, which gives the meat its healthy pink colour.

Free-range chickens

Both laying hens and broilers have access to outdoor areas on Naturafarm farms. The sheds are spacious and set up to be particularly animal-friendly, so that the livestock can always indulge their need for movement. Naturafarm chickens live twice as long on the farm as chickens on conventional chicken farms. The outdoor enclosure is strewn with straw so that they can scratch for grain or take a dust bath if they wish.

Swiss Animal Protection (SAP) checks

The Naturafarm guidelines are more stringent than the Swiss animal protection laws, and the Naturafarm farms are inspected regularly and without prior warning by SAP.

Free-range chickens for Naturafarm eggs
Free-range chickens for Naturafarm eggs

Naturaplan: organic from the shed to the table

Along with Demeter, Naturaplan is the organic brand subject to the strictest requirements in Switzerland – including those governing animal welfare. A few examples:

    • The whole farm is organically managed, not just certain parts of the business.
    • The animals live in small herds and have access to outdoor areas even in winter.
    • Young animals grow up with their mothers and stay with them almost twice as long as animals in conventional animal husbandry.
    • As well as grass and hay the animals eat organically grown cereals, for example.
    • Only robust breeds that are particularly resilient and healthy are chosen.
    • The preventative use of antibiotics, often commonplace in conventional animal husbandry, is prohibited.
    • Farmers do not use synthetic chemicals such as herbicides or artificial fertilizers.

Inspection by independent bodies

At least once a year, independent, state-accredited institutions inspect the organic farms that supply us. Our processing businesses and suppliers are also checked annually, so that the “organic” label appears only on what really is organic.

Natura-Beef cattle and Natura-Veal calves: out to pasture with their mothers

Already since 1978 we also offer meat from animals reared in suckler cow husbandry systems. As the name indicates, these beef cattle and veal calves grow up with their mothers, as nature intended. Suckler cow husbandry is thus the most natural way to rear beef cattle. We sell meat from these animals under the Natura-Beef and Natura-Veal labels.

Natural animal feed and freedom of movement

Calves reared by suckler cows stay with their mothers for five months drinking milk straight from the udder. Young beef cattle stay with their mothers for ten months. After a while, the calves and young beef cattle reared in suckler cow husbandry systems begin to eat fresh grass and hay as well as drink their mothers’ milk. This is the best feed for them, because it gives them lots of vital minerals. The animals are free to go outside whenever they wish – either out onto the field or, in winter and during bad weather, into an open-air yard.

Natura-Beef mother cows and calves out in the field
Natura-Beef mother cows and calves out in the field

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