Best collective employment contract in the Swiss retail industry, diverse opportunities for training and further education and good career opportunities.

Coop – an attractive, socially responsible employer

We offer the best terms of employment in the Swiss retail industry. Some 37,000 employees throughout Switzerland enjoy the benefits of our collective employment contract. Our employees also appreciate the wide range of opportunities for training and further education we offer, comprising more than 300 in-house courses. Thanks to our talent management programme, we are able to fill 75 per cent of all management positions internally.

We are the only retailer in Switzerland to negotiate our collective employment contract with five social and labour organizations: the Swiss Association of Commercial Employees, the Swiss interprofessional trade union Syna, the unions OCST and Unia, and the Verein der Angestellten Coop (VdAC) employees’ association. This social solidarity is quite a tradition with us – we were, for example, the first Swiss retailer to introduce a collective employment contract some 100 years ago.

CHF 4,000 per month

We have increased salaries again as of 2015. The positive outcome of this round of wage negotiations is the result of constructive negotiations with our social partners. We are increasing the reference pay level for employees with a completed apprenticeship by CHF 100 per month. They will earn at least CHF 4,000 per month in 2015. This reaffirms the importance attributed to our apprenticeships and vocational training. Our employees also benefit from employee discounts and special offers, as well as attractive pension fund regulations.

Solidarity with families

We grant 16 weeks’ maternity leave on full salary from as early as the fourth year of employment. If the baby has to stay in hospital after the birth, the mother receives an additional eight weeks’ fully paid leave. In addition to this, fathers can extend their statutory week of paternity leave by two weeks’ unpaid holiday when their baby is born. We offer single parents on a low income financial support to help pay for childcare, and as of 2014, employees caring for family members are now also entitled to unpaid leave.

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