We offer all sorts of career opportunities

It is essential for us to offer our employees encouragement and opportunities for development, because highly motivated, well-trained teams are the basis for our success. This is why we invest systematically in talent management.

As a result, we are able to fill 75 per cent of all management positions internally. Men and women have the same career opportunities with us, irrespective of their background. Graduates can start their careers in commerce by participating in our one-year trainee programme. We offer a modern, dynamic working environment in sales, marketing, sourcing, communications, HR, finance, information technology and logistics. Besides the trainee programme, direct entry or work placements are also possible with us.

Regular feedback sessions

Our annual goal and performance assessments allow us to steer and develop our management teams to great effect, and employees at all levels of management thus learn exactly where they stand. With us, it is not just superiors assessing their subordinates, but also vice versa. All employees subject to the collective employment contract have an official, annual employee performance review. In the course of these talks, too, each party assesses the other.

Professional opportunities for all

We not only assume social responsibility for university graduates and management staff, but also offer at least 50 work placements each year to underachieving school-leavers. Since 2013, we have been running our own in-house jobcentre. Our jobcentre staff informs and advises employees who have to change their place of work or jobs internally as a result of reorganization.

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