A wide range of opportunities for training and further education

We attach great importance to providing a high level of basic training, encourage our employees to complete their federal vocational baccalaureate, and offer our support to those who wish to undertake placements in other language regions of Switzerland or abroad.

All our employees participate in an average of two days of training per year on average, because we see continuous learning as a priority. We run our own training centres in both Muttenz and Jongny, offering a total of more than 300 training courses. We invest more than CHF 40 million each year in our in-house training courses and also support employees attending external courses, both financially and in terms of time. In 2014, our employees participated in a total of 112 087 days of training or further education. For management staff, it was 20 773 days.

An important training company in Switzerland

At the end of 2014, the Coop Group employed a total of 3 271 apprentices. As one of the largest providers of apprenticeships, we thus make a major contribution towards vocational training in Switzerland. Each year, more than 1000 young people take up their apprenticeship with Coop in 23 different professions. The success rate for those completing their apprenticeship was 97.2 per cent in 2014 – representing another rise in comparison with the previous year. More than 65 per cent of all apprentices were taken on afterwards on permanent contracts in our company.

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