Energy and climate

A conscious approach to energy consumption in the interest of the climate – from production through transport to the store

Saving energy and making use of renewable sources to protect the climate

In 2008, we formulated the vision of achieving CO2 neutrality in all of our retail and production activities by 2023. Since then, we have succeeded in reducing our annual CO2 emissions by 21.6 per cent (as at 2014) in absolute terms, thereby remaining in line with our vision. We offer our customers a wide range of energy-efficient electrical appliances, and take the issue of climate protection into account in both the manufacture and transport of our products.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing society, and we have a vested interest in a national and international climate policy that limits the global increase in temperature to a manageable extent. We therefore also support the climate campaign by WWF and Swisscleantech.

Our energy and CO2 vision

Overall we hope to reduce our absolute annual energy consumption by around 20 per cent by 2023, and to increase the proportion of electricity from renewable energy sources to 80 per cent. This will result in a reduction of around 50 per cent on absolute annual CO2 emissions vis-à-vis 2008, and the remaining CO2 emissions will be offset from 2023 onwards.

We are focusing on the following areas with a view to implementing this ambitious vision step by step, year by year:

    • Stores: We systematically implement the Minergie low-energy standard in all new and refurbished buildings, using LED technology and CO2 as a refrigerant. In addition, we also make increasing use of renewable energy sources such as wood chips and heat pumps for heat generation.
    • Transport: Wherever possible, we transport goods by rail. For our lorries we use environmentally friendly fuels such as biodiesel, biogas or electricity from renewable energy sources.
    • Production facilities: We make use of the resulting waste heat and cold from the production facilities.

We are on track with the implementation of our CO2 vision. In 2013, we succeeded in reducing our absolute annual energy consumption by around 2.8 per cent and increasing the proportion of electricity from renewable energy sources to 68.8 per cent, thereby reducing absolute CO2 emissions by 6.2 per cent. We therefore not only met but exceeded our annual targets for 2014.

The “CO2-neutral by 2023” vision: CO2 emissions and possibilities for improvement by 2023

Joining forces with partners for climate protection

As a founding member of WWF Climate Savers, we make a concrete contribution to climate protection, and have committed ourselves to generating the lowest possible level of CO2 emissions. We also work together with the Energie-Agentur der Wirtschaft (Business energy agency – EnAW) and the Agentur für Erneuerbare Energien und Energieeffizienz (Agency for renewable energy and energy efficiency – AEE) and are a member of the federal Swiss Energy programme for energy efficiency and renewable energy. Furthermore, we support climate protection with the following additional measures:

    • Renewable energy: We are increasingly exploiting renewable energy sources through the use of wood-chip heating, heat pumps and district heating, and support the use of biogas plants and photovoltaics.
    • Product range: We are also working on increasing energy efficiency in our supply chains. Production of all Naturaline textiles, for example, has been completely CO2-neutral since 2013, and we are the first retailer in Switzerland to label products that have been transported by air and offset the resulting CO2 emissions with valuable climate-protection projects. Thanks to our own-label sustainability brands as well as seasonal produce, we make it easy for our customers to help protect the climate through their shopping.
    • Appliances: Through our own-label brand Oecoplan we offer an extensive range of energy-efficient appliances that bear the Topten quality seal.

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