Exploiting synergies in production and saving energy

Energy requirements at our production facilities are high. At the same time, however, they also produce surplus energy – in the form of waste heat, for example. This waste heat can be returned to production, thereby helping to improve energy efficiency.

Two concrete examples: The Coop production facility Nutrex manufactures vinegar, and optimal use is made of the resulting waste heat with the aid of two heat pumps, either for heating the vinegar in the preservation process or for heating working areas.

Heat exchange at banana ripening facility

At our banana ripening facility in Kaiseraugst we ripen 23,000 tonnes of bananas every year, which requires a great deal of heat. At the same time, the bananas have to be stored in cool conditions to keep them fresh. Both need a lot of energy. By modernizing the refrigeration plant and replacing the existing oil heating thanks to waste heat from refrigeration, we are now able to save 40,000 litres of heating oil per year. This corresponds to a reduction of 115 tonnes of CO2, making the ripening facility CO2-neutral as a result.

Principles and topics