Coop stores as an effective motor for increased energy efficiency

Over two-thirds of our energy consumption is attributable to our stores. The potential for increasing energy efficiency is therefore particularly significant here, and technical innovations help us to reduce our consumption of resources.

Since 2007, all newly built or refurbished stores have been completed in line with the Minergie low-energy standard, resulting in a 20 per cent reduction in electricity requirements and 40 per cent in terms of heat. In buildings that we do not own we apply Minergie standards in the context of building technology. In total, we now operate 310 stores in accordance with the Minergie low-energy standard.

Economical lighting thanks to LEDs

We fit all of our new and refurbished supermarkets with LED lighting, making use of a technology that requires up to 50 per cent less electricity. We have also been using exclusively LED lighting in our restaurants since 2010, and our logos are increasingly being illuminated with LEDs, thereby enabling us to save two gigawatt-hours per year. They are turned off at night in order to save electricity and minimize light pollution.

Saving energy in heating and refrigeration

The refrigeration and freezing of our products requires almost half of the total quantity of electricity consumed in our stores. Conventional refrigerants continue to have an extremely significant impact on the climate, which is why we have been using CO2 as a refrigerant in fixed installations at stores since 2010. These modern CO2 systems require 25 per cent less electricity, and their impact on the climate is 4,000 times smaller than with conventional refrigerants. In addition to this, we use the resulting waste heat from the refrigeration systems for heating our buildings and preheating hot water, reducing our energy consumption even further as a result.

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