Climate-friendly shopping made easy

We also focus on climate protection in the manufacture of our products, having made sure, for example, that all of our Naturaline clothes are CO2-neutral. Consumers exert a major influence on the climate through their Shopping.

With Naturafarm, Naturaline, Naturaplan, Pro Montagna and Oecoplan we have been offering a broad range of sustainably manufactured products for over 20 years now. Another possibility for climate-friendly shopping is to focus on products that are in season and have travelled only a short distance to reach the store, which is why we are continuously expanding our range of seasonal fruit and vegetables grown in Switzerland. In 2014, we launched the Miini Region quality seal for regional products, and expanded our local ranges depending on availability in the respective region.

A wide range of options for sustainable shopping

Thanks to the most dense network of stores in Switzerland, we enable customers to do their shopping by public transport, by bike or on foot. Shoppers who come by car should ideally plan a big weekly shop in order to reduce their CO2 emissions. In addition to this, we also offer an efficient delivery service with Coop@home, offsetting the CO2 emissions it causes.

Increasing awareness through the Energyday

From the beginning, we were partners of the annual Energyday event organized by the Energie-Agentur-Elektrogeräte (Energy agency for electrical appliances – eae) and the Swiss Energy programme of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE). Seven of our sales formats now take part in the Energyday with a wide range of activities, helping to increase consumer awareness of the issue of energy efficiency.

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