Environmentally friendly production

Greater biodiversity thanks to organic farming and fewer pesticides

Environmentally friendly production: for greater biodiversity and more life

Between 30 and 300 per cent more plants and animal species live on organic farms compared to on conventionally farmed land. Organic products therefore mean greater biodiversity. That is why we were the first Swiss retailer to offer an organic brand – Naturaplan – back in 1993, underlining our commitment to environmentally friendly production. When growing crops conventionally, we also try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, for example by using fewer pesticides.

We have been committed to organic farming and offering more products of organic quality for more than 20 years now together with Bio Suisse, the umbrella organization of Swiss organic farmers, and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), both in Switzerland and abroad.

Greatest selection of organic products in Switzerland

Currently, almost 50 per cent of organic products in Switzerland are bought from us. At Coop, the Bio Suisse Bud label is not only found on the Naturaplan range, but also on products from our Pro Montagna, Jamadu, Fine Food and Karma own-label brands. All fruit and vegetables as well as the seeds and seedlings from Coop’s Pro Specie Rara range are certified by Bio Suisse, and under the Oecoplan brand, we also offer a wide range of Bio Suisse Bud label products for home and garden.

Sustainable agriculture for greater biodiversity

Scientific studies by FiBL prove that organic agriculture has a positive impact on biodiversity. This is due to no chemical synthetic pesticides being used, a general reduction in pesticides, greater diversity in terms of planting fields, more clover grass and more ecological compensation areas. Studies have also shown that increasing the amount of organic farming can help regenerate traditional biodiversity in areas used for agriculture. Moreover, our pilot projects in Kenya and Italy have demonstrated that organic pest control methods can also be used successfully in conventional farming.

Environmentally friendly production abroad

We are not only committed to environmentally friendly farming methods in Switzerland but also abroad, as a large proportion of our products is imported. For this reason, we are part of the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI), which helps to improve production conditions abroad by carrying out joint audits and providing advice.

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