We are committed to organic produce – both in Switzerland and abroad

More than 20 years ago we had a vision: all consumers should have access to food products that have been manufactured under environmentally and animal-friendly conditions at affordable prices. This is why, in 1993, we launched the Naturaplan organic brand in partnership with Bio Suisse. With 1,700 products, we offer the largest range of organic products among Swiss retailers.

The number of Swiss organic farmers has more than quadrupled since 1993 due to the significant increase of the demand for sustainably produced products. This number now stands at around 6,000. Eleven per cent of agricultural land in Switzerland is farmed organically, and this figure is on the rise.

Close cooperation with Bio Suisse

From the very start, all Naturaplan products have been labelled with the Bio Suisse quality seal – the Bud. Along with Demeter, Naturaplan is the organic brand subject to the strictest requirements in Switzerland. A few examples:

    • Closed, natural cycle – the whole farm is organically managed, not just certain parts of the business
    • Humane animal husbandry – the animals live in small herds and have access to outdoor areas even in winter
    • No synthetic chemicals are used
    • Improving biodiversity by means of targeted measures, such as planting hedges
    • Ban on air transport
    • Most environmentally friendly processing possible

Detailed Bio Suisse regulations

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Long-standing partnership with FiBL

The path to finished organic products on the shelves is usually a long one. It requires a great deal of research work throughout the entire value chain. In 1992, we began to promote the development of organic apple orchards at the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL). It was a resounding success: within ten years, numerous fruit growers had converted their orchards to organic production. Since 1994, we have consistently provided financial support to FiBL. The aim of these research activities is to develop new organic varieties that not only taste great, but are also less susceptible to pests and disease. FiBL is one of the world’s leading research institutions in the field of organic farming.

Investing efficiently in research

In total, we invest CHF X million each year in researching organic agriculture, and in doing so have continually promoted the further development of organic farming. Further examples include the cultivation of exotic fruits, such as mangoes, melons and oranges, in line with the Bio Suisse guidelines, where we work together with FiBL to provide local producers with advice and training. As a result, for example, we have managed to set up a supply chain for organic kiwi fruits from Chile, which has been certified according to the Bio Suisse standards.

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