Fairtrade Max Havelaar: support for producers in the South

Since 1992, we have been working closely together with Max Havelaar on extending our range of Fairtrade products. Fairtrade improves incomes among smallholders, giving them greater financial stability.

We are staunch supporters of fair trade, and we are continuously working on switching all raw materials used in our own-label brand products and sourced in developing countries and emerging markets to Fairtrade Max Havelaar. This is achieved by switching whole product ranges such as fruit juices, Asian rice varieties or chocolate to Fairtrade Max Havelaar. Sometimes, Fairtrade certification is not possible because of the recipe, for example. In cases like this, we are the first Swiss retailer to have committed to the Fairtrade Cocoa Sourcing programme.

Over CHF 3 million Fairtrade Premium

Over one million smallholders and workers benefit from the more than 400 products we sell bearing the Fairtrade Max Havelaar quality seal. Coop’s cumulative Fairtrade Premium adds up to around CHF 3 million annually. The Fairtrade Max Havelaar approach, which we have supported for over 20 years, is based on four key elements:

    • Self-determination and assumption of responsibility: Through participation in democratically organized cooperatives and worker’s committees.
    • Higher and more stable income: Thanks, among other things, to the minimum price.
    • Investments in the future thanks to the Fairtrade Premium: The Fairtrade Premium enables farmers and workers to invest in the establishment and expansion of local infrastructure, for example, or in safety or health projects, education and training programmes or improvements in quality.
    • Long-term trade relations: Strong partnerships based on trust are what assure farmers of a long-term, stable level of turnover for their goods.

We too benefit greatly from these long-term trade relations, because they make improvements in quality both more efficient and more sustainable. Subsequently we would like to present two pioneering Fairtrade projects that we have implemented with our partners:

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