Sustainable fish from Switzerland

Swiss fish means fish farmed or caught wild here in Switzerland. Professional Swiss fishermen are legally obliged to operate sustainably and fulfil the stringent requirements set down in Swiss law.

Among other things, this means complying with minimum catch sizes and closed seasons and areas. The nets are monitored by the cantonal fishing supervisory authorities and the fishermen are also involved in spawn harvesting. We are interested in sourcing as much fish as possible from Switzerland, and are accordingly committed to effective cooperation with fish farmers and professional fishermen. In recent years, we have been able to continually improve our range of wild-caught native blue whitefish and perch as well as farmed organic trout, rainbow trout and perch. Due to the small amounts caught, some Swiss fish, such as the Arctic char from Lake Geneva, are only available in certain regions. Availability can also be affected by seasonal factors and minimum catch sizes.

Partnership with the Tropenhaus Frutigen

Our partner, the Tropenhaus Frutigen, is recognized as a pioneer of fish farming in land-based aquacultures. The high-quality, 18-degree water from the heart of the L├Âtschberg provides the ideal habitat for the Siberian sturgeon. This enables us to offer not only tasty sturgeon meat but even sustainably produced caviar from the Alps.

Fish farming at the Tropenhaus Frutigen

Principles and topics