Diet and health promotion

A wide range of products, transparent nutrition information and promotion of exercise in everyday life

A balanced diet for more well-being

A healthy diet is based on variety and diversity, which is why we offer our customers the greatest possible freedom of choice with our wide range of fresh, organic, vegetarian, low-calorie and lactose- and gluten-free products. We also work with various partners to encourage people to do more exercise. 

Under the Naturaplan and Naturafarm brands we sell products that have been manufactured under environmentally and animal-friendly conditions. Food from Betty Bossi is quick to prepare or ready to eat, and Weight Watchers is synonymous with calorie-conscious eating, while people on a vegetarian diet or looking for an alternative to meat find Karma and Délicorn appealing options. Free From makes shopping easier for those with a food intolerance, and Jamadu offers products for children that are both nutritious and fun to eat.

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Knowing what’s in our food

The transparent nutrition information and declarations, which often go beyond statutory requirements in our own-label brands, enable our customers to make conscious decisions about their shopping. In 2007, we were the first Swiss retailer to start labelling our own-brand products with nutritional information. It shows how much energy, sugar, fat, saturated fatty acids, salt and other ingredients a portion contains, while also indicating the proportion of the respective recommended daily allowance. Supplementary nutritional information such as carbohydrates, protein and fibre is also visible on the reverse of the packaging. 

Information sheet Coop nutritional information

Commitment to a healthy diet

    • In our aim to encourage consumers to eat more fruit and vegetables, we support the “5 a Day” campaign run by the Swiss Cancer League and the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). 
    • We are also an active member of Actionsanté, an initiative created by the FOPH together with organizations and companies in 2009 to promote healthy living in Switzerland.
    • We carried out the “Focus on eating trends” study series with the Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Ernährung (Swiss society of nutrition – SGE) and thus helped to increase awareness among the Swiss population of the importance of a balanced diet. 
    • Together with the IG Zöliakie der Deutschen Schweiz patient organization for coeliac disease in German-speaking Switzerland we support activities that provide information about a gluten-free diet.
    • We are also a member of the Föderation der Schweizerischen Nahrungsmittel-Industrien (Federation of Swiss food industries – fial), which actively seeks solutions that take both the market and the issues of a healthy lifestyle into account.
    • In addition to this, we also maintain regular contact with the Schweizerische Diabetes-Gesellschaft (Swiss diabetes society – SDG-ASD). 

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“Focus on eating trends” study series

Getting enough daily exercise

Alongside a balanced diet, getting enough exercise is essential, which is why we maintain sponsorship commitments on various levels with the aim of promoting exercise in everyday life. 

    • The Coop Gemeinde Duell (Coop municipalities competition), for example, is one of the biggest mass sport events in Switzerland. It is organized as part of the Schweiz.bewegt project run by the Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO) and Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz (Health promotion in Switzerland) as well as other partners.
    • Since 2007, we have been involved in Fit4future, an initiative aimed at combating lack of exercise and obesity among schoolchildren.
    • The national prevention project Gorilla of the Schtifti Foundation is also aimed at young people, promoting healthy body weight in children and adolescents. 
    • We further offer the Coop online nutrition coach, providing individual support to help consumers reach their ideal weight. From a database of over 12,000 recipes we provide users with a personal diet plan together with a training plan and individual fitness tips. 

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