Enjoying your food despite intolerances

Almost two million people are affected by food intolerances in Switzerland, with lactose (milk sugar) and gluten (wheat protein) intolerances being the most common.

We support shoppers with these special dietary requirements with transparent declaration of allergens on packaging as well as with our Free From range. We list declarable allergenic ingredients directly on the packaging in a green box, even if the product contains only small quantities of the respective ingredient. We also point out the possible unintentional presence of such ingredients in minute quantities with statements like “May contain traces of peanuts”, based on a guideline limit of 1 gram per kilogram.


Free From – for enjoyment and well-being

Our wide selection of products without gluten and lactose helps to ensure that those with intolerances can still enjoy delicious food, quality of life and well-being. The Free From and Schär ranges currently comprise around 70 articles, which, thanks to a special recipe or manufacturing method, are produced without a specific allergen that would otherwise be contained in the conventional version of the product (e.g. eggs in mayonnaise, gluten in bread or lactose in milk). What is more, Free From products have also carried the Aha! Swiss allergy label since 2014.

Principles and topics