Effective support for the needy and underprivileged in Switzerland and abroad

We play an active role in society

We would like to give something back to society. That is why we support the Coop Mountain Areas Sponsorship Programme, donate products to the needy here in Switzerland, provide rapid, straightforward aid during natural disasters, promote social projects abroad, and are active in helping children and young people.

Our Mountain Areas Sponsorship Programme goes back some 70 years. It is dedicated to improving the living and working conditions of Switzerland’s mountain population and helping to secure their livelihoods.

Diverse donation campaigns at home and abroad

We support people in need both in Switzerland and abroad by providing funding and product donations. For that, we closely work together with Swiss food charities such as “Schweizer Tafel” and “Tischlein deck dich”. With our Naturaline own-label brand for fair trade organic cotton textiles, we are also implementing various projects in India and Tanzania with the Biore Foundation, which benefit farming families in those countries.

Budget advice in Switzerland

Since 2009, we have been a partner of Budgetberatung Schweiz, a Swiss budget advice organization that brings 35 advisory centres together under one roof. People from all sections of society can seek advice here on their personal financial affairs and on how best to approach the subject consciously. As an organization, Budgetberatung Schweiz works according to the principle of helping people to help themselves.

Comprehensive sponsorship commitment

We sponsor projects in the fields of sport, culture, exercise and nutrition, people and the environment as well as children and the family. Thus, we offer people inspiring experiences, making our corporate values – dynamism, enthusiasm and sustainability – come alive for them.

Clear guidelines for the protection of minors

We take legal protection of minors in the sales of alcohol, tobacco and electronic media very seriously. Our guidelines for the protection of minors are implemented in our stores throughout Switzerland, sometimes even exceeding the scope of the different cantonal regulations. As a member of Swiss Pledge, a voluntary association of food and beverage producers in Switzerland, we have pledged to restrict our advertising aimed at children under the age of 12. We only promote products that fulfil certain dietary criteria.

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