Meaningful donations that reach their intended destination

We take our social responsibility seriously and thus participate in various fund-raising campaigns to help those in need. Here we work closely together with recognized institutions that guarantee that the donations really reach those who need them most.

A few examples illustrating our social commitment:

    • “2× Christmas”
      The “2× Christmas” campaign supports people in need in Switzerland and abroad. We donate a large proportion of the non-perishable food, toiletries, children’s clothing and in part also sweets that the Swiss Red Cross distributes to needy families and social institutions such as children’s and retirement homes.
    • “Jeder Rappen zählt” (Every penny counts) appeal
      We have contributed to this appeal organized by the Swiss radio and television company SRF and the Swiss Solidarity humanitarian foundation ever since it was launched, supporting people in need all over the world.
    • Food donations to social institutions
      We donate a significant proportion of food that is still of impeccable quality but can no longer be sold to social projects such as the food charities “Schweizer Tafel” and “Tischlein deck dich”. As well as providing food, we support these organizations financially with annual funding of CHF 400,000 to develop the infrastructure of their distribution centres. The food charity “Tischlein deck dich” receives an additional CHF 50,000 each year from Coop Mineralöl AG to cover their vehicle fuel costs. We further support the Caritas shops with donations of staple food.
    • Fund-raising campaigns with our business partners
      Our business partners can conduct fund-raising campaigns with their products in our stores. We have strict standards that must be met: The fund-raising project must benefit recognized organizations, for Switzerland it must be certified by the Schweizerische Zertifizierungsstelle für gemeinnützige, Spenden sammelnde Organisationen (Swiss certification body governing charitable fund-raising organizations – ZEWO) and it must have a specific purpose. Ideally, it should benefit both people and nature in the relevant product chain.

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