Fair, clean manufacture of clothes thanks to the reduction of chemicals and use of organic cotton.

Voluntary commitment to the reduction of chemicals

In 2013, we were the first Swiss company to sign a declaration of intent with Greenpeace aimed at reducing the use of hazardous chemicals in textile production by 2020. For 20 years now, we have been promoting fair production of clothes made from organic cotton with our own-label brand Naturaline.

With our own-label textile brands we are constantly working on combating water and soil pollution together with impairments to the health of employees in production countries. In 2012, we issued our guidelines on sustainable procurement aimed at controlling the use of chemicals considered hazardous by recognized EU institutions (European Chemicals Agency – ECHA), and with the Detox Solution Commitment we are now going one step further.

Our commitment is based around the following five areas:

    • The Coop guidelines on textiles and leather: Regulate social, environmental and toxicological requirements for farming and processing.
    • The Coop negative list of chemicals: Defines the chemicals that must no longer be used after 2020.
    • Measurement and publication of environmental data: We arrange for data regarding the biggest textile suppliers to be recorded every year, and these data should be publicly accessible from 2016.
    • Regular testing at product level: We have already carried out several test campaigns.
    • Continuous internal exchange: Regular discussions in the textiles and leather working group as well as in the chemicals specialist team.

Thanks to our long-standing commitment to Naturaline, we are also the world’s largest provider of organic and fair trade cotton textiles.

Principles and topics