Naturaline – organic and fair

Naturaline stands for fair trade fashion that is produced under environmentally friendly conditions using pure organic cotton and is a joy to wear. Together with Remei in Rotkreuz, we are seen as world pioneers in fair trade organic cotton and are currently the biggest provider in this area.

The philosophy of Naturaline is easy to summarize: 100 per cent fair production, 100 per cent organic cotton, 100 per cent transparency in the supply chain and 100 per cent carbon neutrality.

Pure organic cotton from India and Tanzania

Naturaline textiles are produced exclusively using organic cotton that is cultivated and processed by around 5,000 farmers in India and Tanzania in accordance with the Biore sustainability standard.

Our guidelines for organic cotton

Organic farming also offers a resource-saving alternative for cotton, facilitating production without health risks and without smallholders’ dependence on credit. Organic cotton farming employs techniques such as crop rotation, compost production and natural crop protection in order to achieve sustainable yields. Stabilization of ecosystems and the rejection of monoculture help to mitigate the loss of yields in the event of drought or pest infestation.

Further principles in organic cotton farming

    • Ban on genetic engineering
    • Ban on synthetic pesticides and fertilizers
    • Ban on defoliants
    • Dosed use of water thanks to drip irrigation systems
    • Reduced energy consumption thanks to minimal use of machinery

Clean processing

Not only the farming but also the processing of Naturaline textiles is protective of health and the environment. The use of chemicals is very strictly governed, and hazardous chemicals are banned in all stages of production. An independent supervisory body reviews the various processes on a regular basis.

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