Traceable back onto the field and into the barn

There is no simple, all-encompassing solution to ensuring traceability of products. We are working on establishing traceability as far back as possible based on the product category.

Our entire range of fruit and vegetables comes from certified cultivation in accordance with the SwissG.A.P. or GlobalG.A.P. standard. This enables us to trace all of these items directly to the producer.

Naturaplan ID for complete transparency

With our organic products from Naturaplan, we can guarantee complete traceability. Thanks to the Naturaplan ID, for example, you always know which farm your organic fruit and vegetables come from. Products sold loose carry a sticker with the Bio Suisse Bud label and Naturaplan ID code, while with packaged fruit and vegetables, the Naturaplan ID is displayed directly on the label. This practice was introduced back in 2010.

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Traceability of meat

On the packaging of whole chickens and chicken breasts from our own-label sustainability brands Naturafarm and Naturaplan, we state the name of the farmer. And with all fresh pieces of organic meat from Naturaplan such as fillets, entrecĂ´te and escalopes, the production facility is named, enabling consumers to trace the origin of the meat back to the source.

Guaranteed fair conditions

With a growing number of items that carry the Fairtrade Max Havelaar quality seal you will find an FLO ID code on the packaging. On the Fairtrade Max Havelaar website, you can use this code to find out more about the producer and the product. 

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Clean and fair textiles

More and more clothes from our own-label brand Naturaline carry a code on the sewn-in label. On the Biore website, you can trace the route in detail from cultivation of the organic cotton through the various production stages to the finished product.

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