Waste and recycling

An efficient recycling chain and targeted waste management for conscious use of resources

Prevention, recycling and correct disposal of waste

Thanks to our targeted waste management system, we have been able to significantly reduce the volume of waste we produce in recent years and increase the recycling rate at both distribution centres and our own production sites to around 80 per cent. A systematic approach to recycling not only benefits the environment, but also helps to cut costs.

We are working continuously on using less packaging material with a view to also reducing the volume of waste produced by our customers at home. Ultimately, however, only if waste is collected separately can it be disposed of correctly, which is why we collect and recycle all PET returned by customers to our stores – together with plastic bottles, cartridges, batteries and other recyclable materials, as well as the transport packaging used internally, in up to 32 separate types of material.

Principles and topics