Corporate water management

Water is a vital resource. It is used in many different ways at Coop – in production, in office buildings and in outdoor facilities. Systematic water management is essential in ensuring that the quantity available is enough for all the necessary areas.

In order to protect valuable drinking water resources, we aim to use increasing quantities of rainwater and water that has already been through its first cycle of use.

There’s water and then there’s water

Since 2011, therefore, we have been distinguishing between drinking water and groundwater (blue), rainwater (green) and production water (grey). Of the around 4 million cubic metres of water we consumed in 2012, 91.3 per cent came from drinking water and 8.4 per cent from groundwater. Just 0.3 per cent came from rainwater, and almost no grey water whatsoever has been used so far. In addition to reducing our overall water consumption we are therefore also working on using increasing quantities of green and grey water in future.

Principles and topics