General guidelines

To the greatest extent possible, we aim to contribute to environmentally and socially responsible production and sustainable consumption.

Guidelines on sustainable procurement

Our guidelines on sustainable procurement apply to all business partners who produce or process goods or provide services for Coop retail channels. Naturally, our own production facilities are also required to comply. These guidelines define the approach for other areas of the Coop Group. Our approach to sustainable procurement includes the following aspects:

    1. Expanding our range of own-label sustainability brands and quality labels
    2. Promoting particularly sustainable branded products
    3. Enforcing minimum requirements for the entire range in accordance with international standards
    4. Delisting products that do not fulfil minimum sustainability requirements

    Coop guidelines for sustainable procurement

Guidelines on palm oil and palm kernel oil

These guidelines lay down our requirements for palm oil, palm kernel oil and palm (kernel) oil derivatives used in all of our own-label food and non-food products. It provides further clarification on the existing guidelines on sustainable procurement.

Coop guidelines on palm oil and palm kernel oil

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Guidelines on the protection of minors

In the context of alcohol, tobacco and electronic media, Coop takes its responsibility to protect minors very seriously. This is why we have signed the Code of Conduct of Pan European Game Information (PEGI) for the area of computer games, as well as the Code of Conduct of the Schweizerischer Video-Verband, the Swiss association for videos and other audio-visual media. Checkout staff are entrusted with a large part of the responsibility, which is why they receive optimum support through regular training courses and special arrangements at checkouts. Test purchases show that the measures taken are implemented effectively.

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Movie-guide Code of Conduct

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