Guidelines on consumer goods

Our non-food range also has to satisfy further criteria in addition to the legal requirements. You will not, for instance, find any military toys or articles made with tropical wood at Coop stores. A significant proportion of our wood and paper range is FSC-certified or manufactured using recycled paper, and we comply with the Code of Conduct on nanotechnology.

Guidelines on wood and paper products

We are committed to sustainable forest management. The aims are to prevent overexploitation and the associated increase in the greenhouse effect, and to support the preservation of biodiversity and protection of the indigenous population. We therefore endorse the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) quality seal and are working towards a switch to FSC standards for wood products. Recycling is the top priority for paper products.

Coop guidelines on wood and paper products

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Guidelines on textiles and leather

These guidelines govern the social, environmental and toxicological requirements pertaining to the cultivation and processing of our own-label brand textiles and leather products. The goal is to reduce or ultimately eliminate the use of critical chemicals in the supply chain on a gradual basis by 2020.

Coop guidelines on textiles and leather

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Code of Conduct on nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is being used in increasing numbers of products. Yet, there is a widespread lack of legal regulation in this area. With the Code of Conduct from the Interessengemeinschaft Detailhandel Schweiz (Swiss retail interest group – IG DHS), we are committed to the responsible use of nanotechnology.

Code of Conduct on nanotechnology

Principles and topics