Our sustainability report

Facts and figures on the economic, environmental and social impact of our business activities

Transparent reporting

We believe that ongoing discussions and detailed reporting on our commitment to sustainability are essential. That is why we have regularly published a sustainability report since 2004. We also devote at least one double-page spread in the Coopzeitung newspaper to this important topic every week.

Coop Group business and sustainability report

Our annual business and sustainability report provides detailed information about our economic, environmental and social activities. We set out our strategies and management systems and report on our progress as well as the challenges we encounter in working towards our ambitious sustainability goals. In these reports, we adhere to the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) platform.
The three Coop Group divisions – Retail, Wholesale and Manufacture – sometimes differ considerably in terms of their markets, but also as regards the economic, environmental and social impact of their business activities. Our Group-wide committees and in-depth discussions with our stakeholders allow us to ensure that we take the key aspects into account in the report. Some sections of the Coop Group also produce detailed reports on their commitment to sustainability, for example the Coop manufacturing company Chocolats Halba.

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The Coopzeitung newspaper has the largest print-media circulation in Switzerland. Each week, our “Actions not words” section provides background knowledge about people, animals and the environment, and we suggest some practical tips on how our readers can make their daily routines more sustainable.

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