Sustainability as the basis for our actions

We pursue a comprehensive sustainability strategy that incorporates close contact with our stakeholders and the integration of our commitment to people, animals and the environment in our daily business activities. Our multi-annual targets 2014–2020 set concrete sustainability objectives for the Coop Group as a whole.

We are convinced that conducting our business in a sustainable way that makes efficient use of resources is an important principle of long-term corporate success. This is why the issue of sustainability is deeply embedded in our Articles of Association, our corporate profile and our mission statements. Aspects of sustainability are also integrated in the target-setting process, in employee training, in operating procedures and – through the various corporate strategies – in the Balanced Scorecard.

Focusing our efforts

We focus on areas in which we are able to achieve a significant impact, making use of tools such as product range screening, life cycle assessment and risk monitoring to determine the focal points of our activities in the context of sustainability. Social expectations and political demands also play an important role, and in this regard we believe that voluntary agreements at company or sector level are preferable to detailed regulations. This aspect flows into all of Coop’s corporate strategies through the sustainability strategy concept.

Principles and topics