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Our Executive Committee issued the first set of environmental principles already in 2001. In 2006, these principles were extended to create 14 sustainability principles that included economic, environmental and social aspects.

In the years that followed, we further expanded the sustainability concept in the company. In 2009, we developed our sustainability strategy concept, which coordinates and harmonizes the various aspects of our commitment to sustainability established in the different business segments. Learn more about this concept under Strategy.
Here are our sustainability principles:

Principles for pillar 1: Sustainable products and services

    • We are committed to environmentally and socially responsible products and create our own distinct profile with our own-label sustainability brands. In doing so, we ensure that the dignity of human beings and animals is respected and support the protection of biodiversity.
    • We prefer suppliers with particularly environmentally or socially responsible production methods. If performance is comparable, we give preference to producers in Switzerland.

Principles for pillar 2: Resource efficiency and climate protection

    • We encourage transport by rail and ship.
    • We use resources sparingly and dispose of waste in an environmentally sound way.
    • In working towards our vision of being “CO2-neutral by 2023”, we are reducing our energy consumption and are increasingly using renewable sources of energy.

Principles for pillar 3: Employees and society

    • We offer our employees attractive employment terms and are committed to training and professional development.
    • We undertake international, national and local projects to benefit society, thus contributing towards a positive environment for our company.

Principle for the roof: Sustainable innovations

    • We actively encourage sustainable innovations in collaboration with our partners and in Coop Sustainability Fund projects.


Principle connecting the pillars: Integrated communication

    • We encourage sustainable consumption by means of transparent, credible and effective communication and maintain a partnership-based dialogue with the authorities and our stakeholder groups.

Principles for the foundation: Processes and instruments

    • We define and consistently implement measurable goals, while taking costs and risks into account.
    • We are committed to fair competition and reject corruption and bribery of any kind.

Sustainability principles

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